How to Fix Elden Ring Network Status Failed Error

Many players around the world have reported that they are encountering Elden Ring Network Status Failed Error. So today we will discuss this matter and also gives you some troubleshooting tips to solve this error.

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game which is developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Users can battle with various creatures on different battlefields in the gameplay. That is why the game is becoming famous day by day. This game was launched for almost all the big Platforms like PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows.
Elden Ring Network Status Failed

But most of the players are targeting Elden Ring Network Status Failed error while playing. But some troubleshooting methods will help users to fix the problem. The developers of the Elden Ring game know about this error. But unfortunately, they haven’t mentioned any solution for the problem officially on their website or Twitter account.

Methods to Fix Elden Ring Network Status Failed Error

As we know, gamers face multiple errors while playing online games on their devices. One of them is Elden Ring Network Status Failed error and we will tell some solution to fix it. Below users will see some of the best methods to solve the error.

1. Check Your WiFi Or Internet Connection

First of all, you have to make sure that the WiFi or internet connection is properly connected and working fine. Because sometimes the internet connection is not working or connected that is why users face such errors like Elden Ring Network Status Failed. So users required a stable network to play online games.

2. Close Downloads & Uploads

If you are downloading or uploading anything thing in the background during the gameplay then you may face Elden Ring Network Status Failed error. Because these background tasks may affect the connectivity to the servers. So close or stop all the background downloads and uploads and then check for the problem.

3. Use Wired Internet Connection

We know, most of the players use WiFi routers to connect wirelessly. But the wired connection works better than the WiFi connection. So we recommend that try using the wired ethernet internet connection to fix Elden Ring Network Status Failed error.

4. Check for the Server Status

Users have to make sure that the game server is working fine and there is no problem from there. If the game server has some issues then you may face various errors and game connectivity problems. So to check everything is working properly related to the server of the game, you need to visit the official @ELDENRING Twitter account. Check the server status from there and confirm that there are no issues from the server-side.

5. Update The Elden Ring Game

Updating to the latest build in online gaming is very important. Because many of the errors and bugs can be fixed by the game developers in the new build. So you need to check if any new updates of the game are available or not. If available then installed the new version according to the device you are using. After the update, launch the game and see the Elden Ring Network Status Failed error will be fixed.


Those are some of the solutions that may help you to fix Elden Ring Network Status Failed error. The workarounds or troubleshooting methods that are mentioned in the article worked for most of the players. If you have any questions that you want to ask or want to share something then feel free to comment us in the comment section.

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