How to fix Google Assistant Not Working on iPhone

Is Google Assistant Not Working on your iPhone? Then don’t worry we would help you with that. Today we will tell users how they can fix that problem and use Google Assistant on their phones without any issues.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence that is developed by Google. It allows users to achieve various tasks by giving voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control. Give voice commands on your smartphone and it will complete the task for you without touching your device. Also, you can command smart home devices as well.

Google Assistant works very well on smart devices but sometimes it may cause some issues. Recently many users have reported in the forums that the Google Assistant Not Working on their iPhones. So if you are one of those then don’t worry we know some troubleshooting tips that will help you fix the problem.

Methods to fix Google Assistant Not Working on your iPhone

There are various methods that can solve the Google Assistant Not Working on your iPhone. So below we will share those solutions one by one with you guys so that you can fix the issue.

1. Restart iPhone

Before you try any either solution or methods, we always suggest restarting your device, Because most of the temporary errors and bugs are automatically solved by rebooting the device. So restart your iPhone and wait to boot up. After your iPhone completely boots up now check if the Google Assistant Not Working issue is solved or not. If not, then move to the next method.

2. Update Google Assistant To Latest Version

Most of the errors and bugs are fixed by the developers in the new build. So if the Google Assistant app on iOS is not updated to the latest build then you may face that issue. To update the Google Assistant app from the App Store on your iPhone. When you successfully updated to the latest build, check the problem will be fixed.

3. Turn On Microphone for Google Assistant

If the microphone permissions are disabled on your iPhone then you face various issues while using Google Assistant on iOS. So check if the microphone permissions are enabled or not on your iPhone. To do that:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then scroll down and tap on Assistant.
  • From there, you need to enable or turn on Microphone permissions for Google Assistant.
    Google Assistant Not Working

This is how you can enable the microphone permissions for the Google Assistant app on iOS devices. After doing that, now check the Google Assistant Not Working problem will be solved.

4. Turn On OK Google Hotword

When you want to use Google Assistant on your device, then you need to say OK Google to wake up the feature. So check if the OK Google hotword is enabled or not on your iPhone. Here is how you can do it:

  • First of all, launch the  Google app on your iPhone.
  • Then tap on the Profile icon available at the top.
  • Next, tap on Settings.
  • Now select Voice and assistant.
  • After that, enable or Turn On the OK Google hotword option.
    Google Assistant Not Working

5. Check Language in Assistants

There is a huge chance that you may face Google Assistant Not Working if the app doesn’t identify the language you are speaking. So you need to check and set the language that supports the app. For that, follow the below steps:

  • You need to open the Assistant app on your iPhone.
  • Then tap on the Profile.
  • Now tap on Languages.
  • From there, you can change the Assistant language by tapping on your current language.
  • Then choose a new language that supports the Google Assistant.
    Google Assistant Not Working

6. Check WiFi or Internet Connection

Without an unstable or poor internet connection, you cant use the Google Assistant features on your devices properly. So, check if your WiFi or internet connection of yours is stable and working fine. You can perform a speed test to check if your Internet connection is working properly. If you are using mobile data then switch to a WiFi connection and check for the Google Assistant Not Working error.

7. Reinstall Google Assistant

After applying all the above methods and nothing works for you, then uninstall the Google Assistant app and install it back. It is possible that the problem lies in the app files and cant be fixed manually. So, go to the Apple App Store and uninstall the app. After that, reinstall the app and wait to complete the process. Now check if the Google Assistant Not Working issue is fixed or not.


We have provided the best ways to fix Google Assistant Not Working on your iPhone. Most of the users have confirmed that they have solved the issues by applying those methods and we hope one of them works for you as well. If you have any questions and want to share them with us then let us know in the comments section below.

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