Fix Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]

Have you seen Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug] while playing? then we are going to help users with that issue.

Lost Ark is very famous role-playing and action game nowadays. Users can show their fighting abilities and strategies through gameplay. Build your team and play with various players around the world. The 3d style graphics and amazing background sounds make this game special. It is not wrong to say that one of the best multiplayer online games available for you guys to play.
Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]

As we know, sometimes the popular games may have some issues with it, especially in online games. So one of them is Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]. Many users have reported that they face this issue or error while loading the game. Many of you are searching for the solution to that error.

Methods To Fix Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]

Happily, there are some ways by which users can get rid of this error. We know the troubleshooting methods and would gladly like to share them with you guys. Apply them and we hope that users can solve that Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug].

1. Restart Lost Ark Game

This error may appear due to some small or temporary glitch. So by restarting the game it may solve that small glitches or bugs. So before doing anything else we recommend users restart the game and check for the error. Sometimes you need to restart the game more than once to solve the issue.

2. Restart Your PC

After restarting your game several times and couldn’t fix the problem, then you need to reboot your PC. Because if this occurs due to small glitches then it may solve automatically by restarting your PC. After the rebooting is done, launch the game and we hope the problem can be fixed.

3. Run The Game As Administrator

Try running the game using Run as Administrator, so that the Lost Ark game functions properly. By doing it, the game has the permission to use the resources that are required. So to give the permissions so that the game uses the resource that it needs, you need to do:

  • First, right-click on the game .exe icon.
  • From the menu, select the properties option.
  • Then select the Compatibility option from the top.
  • Now tick the box located beside the Run This Program As Administrator option.
    Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]
  • Click on Apply as well as the Ok button to confirm the action.

This is how you can run the Lost Ark game as Administrator. Launch the game and most probably the error will be solved.

4. Close & Disable Background Apps

One of the main causes of slowing down any game is the apps that are running in the background. So by closing and disabling them you can solve the problem. Most of the players have recommended that disable the background apps and this will be the Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]. To do that:

  • Right-click on the Start menu and then select Task Manager from the list. 
  • Then select the Processes tab and now select all the applications that you want to disable or close.
  • After that, click on the End Task button.
    Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]

Now the background apps are disabled, open the game and see the error is solved or not.

5. Disable The Overlays Apps

If the given the admin rights and still Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug] appears it may be because of overlays. Because some of the overlays apps prevent the game from running properly and smoothly. So if you are using any overlays apps, they try disabling them to fix the issue.

6. Check Game File Integrity

Most of the errors will appear because some of the game files are corrupted or damaged. These types of broken files are the main source of various errors. So you have to check the backup game files and make sure that they are working properly. To verify the game file integrity and to check if some files are missing or corrupted, open your game launcher and verify the files. Once the files are verified, simply restart your PC and then check the problem will be solved.

7. Re-install EasyAntiCheat

There is a big chance that some of the EasyAntiCheat files are missing or damaged. So, to fix this error, users need to reinstall EasyAntiCheat. To reinstall that you need to follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, launch Steam client and go to Library.
  • Then, select Lost Ark from there.
  • After that, click on the Settings, which looks like a gear icon, and choose the Manage option.
    Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]
  • Now click on the Browse local files and then tap on the EasyAntiCheat folder.
  • Double-click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file and click on the Repair option.

This is how you can fix the Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]. Open the game and see the problem will be solved.

8. Turn Off VPN Service

As we know, many of you use VPN services for secure browsing or to get access to the blocked content. But sometimes the VPN services that you have activated can be the cause of this error. Many users have confirmed that by disabling or turning off the VPN service, they have fixed the Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug]. So, disable the service then launch the game and see if the error is gone or not.

9. Install Lost Ark Game Again

After applying all the upper methods and nothing works for you, then try reinstalling the game. Maybe some of the files are missing or not properly installed and causing trouble. So try installing the game again and may we hope this process will help you. Before installing the game you have to make sure that uninstall the previous game completely from your device. When the reinstallation is completed, launch the game and we hope that this time Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug] will be gone.


These are some of the best methods on how to fix Lost Ark Not Loading [EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug] from your systems. Follow the methods step by step and you guys can solve this problem. If you have any questions or want to share something with us, then do let us know in the comment section.

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