How to Repair Damaged Videos on Windows and Mac 2022

Do you want to Repair Damaged Videos? Then read the article till the end. Today we would like to share the best tips to fix the videos that are somehow harmed and don’t play.

Nowadays everybody captures or records their memories to create various videos and their devices. Actually, this is the best way to save your memories by recording your events. But sometimes due to some error or bugs, users cant able to play those videos on their devices. Because the videos are damaged somehow and you want to repair them to keep your memory.

If you are one of those people then don’t need to worry. In this guide, we will tell you some important tips that will help you to Repair Damaged Videos on Windows and Mac 2022. There are many tools available to repair damaged videos but we will tell you the best tool that can fix the issue. Before we tell you the method to fix the problem, we would like to tell you the reasons behind the damaged videos problem.

Reasons Behind Video Damage

There are various reasons behind the damaged videos. So below we will show you some of the main causes that end up with the corrupt or damaged videos. Then will tell you the method to Repair Damaged Videos on Windows and Mac 2022.

Bugs and Viruses

One of the main causes of to damage videos is bugs and viruses. If the device in which you have recorded or saved the video has some bugs and viruses, then you make face that issue. Also if you record or save the videos on corrupt hard drives, USB drives, memory sticks, etc, there is a huge chance that you end up with the damaged video. So before using any external drives, you need to make sure that they are bugs and virus free.

Video Converter is Faulty

Most of the users download and use third-party video converters to change the format of the videos. But, you need to confirm that the video converter you have installed is reliable. Because the faulty video converter will convert the videos halfway and thus you end up with the damaged videos.

Error on Operating System

If your Windows or Mac OS has any error then you may face the damaged videos. So before saving any videos file on your PC, check that the PC has no error.

Method to Repair Damaged Videos with Wondershare Repairit

After telling you some of the common causes of damage or corrupt videos now it’s time to tell you the method to fix the issue. As we mentioned above that you need a tool called Wondershare Repairit. This is one of the best tools to repair various formats of videos successfully. If we say that this is one of the best video repairing tools available for you to use, then we are not mistaken.

So below you will see the download link of the Wondershare Repairit and also the steps to Repair Damaged Videos on Windows and Mac 2022. To do so:

  • First, you need to download the Wondershare Repairit from this Link.
  • Then, launch the Wondershare Repairit on your Windows and Mac.
  • You will see the Add button, click on it to load the damaged video file. Also, users can repair any image file that they want to repair as well.
    Repair Damaged Videos
  • When the video file is uploaded, click on the Repair button which is available at the bottom right corner to Repair Damaged Videos.
    Repair Damaged Videos
  • After the process is done, preview the fixed video.
  • Next, click on the Save button from the bottom right to save the fixed video.
    Repair Damaged Videos
  • If somehow the videos are badly corrupted or damaged then you can use the Advance repair option by adding a sample video to repair.
    Repair Damaged Videos

This is how you can Repair Damaged Videos with the help of Wondershare Repairit on your Windows or Mac PC.


In this article, we have guided you on how to Repair Damaged Videos on Windows and Mac 2022. Use the best tool Wondershare Repairit, and repair any format of videos successfully and comfortably. Follow the steps in the method and fix the issue. If you have any questions and want to share with us then feel free to comment to us in the comment section.

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