How to Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows

Want to Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows? then read this article. We will provide a complete guide on how users can update the Desktop WhatsApp easily.

As we know, WhatsApp is one of the most used messengers right now. Because it provides many free services like sending free audio or text messages, making free audio or video calls. send documents, files, videos, and much more. Many of you are using the WhatsApp Desktop app on your Windows PC. Because they use their Desktop PC or laptops more than a smartphone.

WhatsApp developer regularly gives updates to the users to give new features and solve all the bugs that they are facing in the previous version. If you are using the Desktop version of WhatsApp and want to update it to get new features, then you are at the right place. We will tell users how they can Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows.

Before we tell you the update process, we like to mention something important. If you have installed WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store then it can be updated only from there. But if you have installed the app from any third-party source then we would tell you the other ways as well to Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows.

Methods to Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows PC

There are several ways to Update WhatsApp Desktop. It depends on where they have downloaded WhatsApp on their computers. So below we will show the methods by which users can update it to the latest version comfortably.

Update WhatsApp Desktop App from Microsoft Store

We know many of you have downloaded WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store. So if you want to check or update to the latest version of it, you need to do:

  • Launch Microsoft Store.
  • Click on the Library option from the bottom left corner.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop
  • Now you will see the list of apps, search for WhatsApp.
  • So if any of the updates are available, you will see the download icon. Click on that icon.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop
  • After clicking on that icon, your WhatsApp Desktop app starts downloading the latest version of it.

This is how users can download and Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows.

Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows from a Third-Party Source

Some of the users have downloaded the WhatsApp Desktop version from any website or third-party source. These third-party sources may host the early version of the app and users can’t find the newer version that was released recently.

So if you are one of that users then you have to check for the newer version of the app on that third-party source. Maybe they have provided the latest version of the WhatsApp setup files for Windows.

Download the .exe file and install it on your Windows PC. But before installation, you need to remove the previous version of the app from your PC. Only then users can install the newer version of the WhatsApp Desktop version.

That’s how you can install and Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows from a third-party source. Sometimes you found some bugs and errors if you have installed the app from these sources. So we always recommend users that download it from the official website of WhatsApp. Below we have mentioned that as well.

How To Uninstall & Reinstall WhatsApp Desktop App

If you have to face any bugs and glitches then we strongly suggest uninstalling the previous one and downloading from the official website or Microsoft Store. But we know most of you don’t know how to uninstall and install the app. Below we will see the two methods to uninstall the WhatsApp Desktop App and also provides the complete steps to get the newer version of the app.

Uninstall The WhatsApp Desktop App

Method 1:

  • First, open Control Panel.
  • Then click on Programs & Features.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop
  • Now search for WhatsApp from the list.
  • After that, right-click on WhatsApp and select Uninstall Option.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop

Method 2:

  • Press Windows + I keys from the keyboard to open Windows settings.
  • Then click on Apps from the left side panel.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop
  • And then click on the Apps & Features to see the list of the installed app on your PC.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop
  • Now navigate to WhatsApp from the list of apps.
  • At last, click on the 3-dot button and select Uninstall from there.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop

These are two simple methods to uninstall WhatsApp Desktop Version.

Reinstall WhatsApp Desktop Newer Version

After uninstalling the previous WhatsApp, now it’s time to reinstall the app’s newer version on your PC. We suggest users skip the third-party source and download the newer version from the official website of WhatsApp. To do that follow the below steps:

  • Launch you PC browser that you are using on your PC.
  • Then you need to type on the address bar and press enter from the keyboard.
  • Now you will see the official website of WhatsApp and you will see the option DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS. You can also download WhatsApp for MacBook as well from there.
  • Click on Download for Windows option.
    Update WhatsApp Desktop
  • Then a WhatsAppSetup.exe file will be downloaded to your PC.
  • Locate the WhatsApp setup file on your Downloads section and double-click on it.
  • After that, the WhatsApp Desktop version will start installing on your Windows PC.

This is how users can get the newer version of WhatsApp on their computers.


These are some of the best ways to Update WhatsApp Desktop on Windows. Also, we have mentioned how users can get the new WhatsApp Desktop version from the official source. If you have any questions or want to share something with us, then feel free to comment us in the comment section.

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