How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Syncing

Most of the users reported that they are facing a WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem. Today we will tell users some troubleshooting tips to fix this issue.

WhatsApp allows users to send or receive messages via WhatsApp Web on desktop PC. It is a very useful feature for those who use a PC more than a smartphone. Because these users can send or receive messages as they use WhatsApp on their mobile phones. Users can also see all of the chats on both devices and also reply to anyone from the Desktop PC like a smartphone app.

But somehow some users are targeting the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem. This could be happening because of some bug or a new update of your PC Chrome browser. So if you are one of those people who are facing the same problem then we know how to fix this problem.

Methods To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Syncing

Users can see the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing issue due to multiple reasons. It can be caused because of the poor internet connection or the browser cache have some bugs that are causing the trouble. So below we will show some of the ways that will guide you to fix that problem.

1. Restart the Browser

By restarting your browser most of the time the small glitches and bugs can be fixed automatically. So try to re-run the Chrome Browser and then see if you can solve the problem, If not then you need to your device as well so that the temporary bugs can be removed from it.

After rebooting, see if the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing is fixed or not.

2. Check Your Browser Compatibility

Sometimes your browser doesn’t support the WhatsApp Web feature and that why getting a WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem. Some of the browsers that support the WhatsApp Web feature are Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera. So you have to make sure that the browser you are using is compatible with the WhatsApp Web feature.

We recommend using the Chrome browser because it works very well with the WhatsApp Web services.

3. Reload The Page

Somehow if the page is stuck for some reason and it slows down then try reloading the page. The reload button is available at the top left corner.
WhatsApp Web Not Syncing

After reloading the page you can try to open the WhatsApp wen on your browser and we hope that the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem will be gone.

4. Try Using The Incognito Tab

After doing the above methods and still facing the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem, then try to open the WhatsApp Web from Incognito mode. This mode will keep your browsing data private. Most of the users have confirmed that they can fix the problem by using Incognito mode. To open this mode on Chrome browser, you need to do:

  • Click on the 3 Dots icon from the top right corner.
  • Then click on the New Incognito Windows option.
    WhatsApp Web Not Syncing
  • Also, the user can press Ctrl + Shift + N keys from the keyboard to open Incognito mode.
    WhatsApp Web Not Syncing

5. Delete The Cache & Cookies

It’s possible that the browser cache has some bugs and corrupted or damaged data stored in it. So deleting them can solve the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem. So to wipe out or delete the cache data from the browser, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Three-dot button from the top right corner and click on Settings.
    WhatsApp Web Not Syncing
  • Then select Security And Privacy from the left side.
    WhatsApp Web Not Syncing
  • Now click on the Clear Browsing Data button.
    WhatsApp Web Not Syncing
  • Next checkmark the box beside the Cookies and Other Site Data.
    WhatsApp Web Not Syncing
  • Last, click on the Clear Data button.

6. Disable VPN Service

We know many of you like to use VPN services on your PC and other devices. So if you have activated the services then you might face the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing issue. So we strongly suggest the disable or Turn Off the VPN service that you are using and seeing if the problem is fixed or not.

Many users have mentioned in the forums that they have fixed the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem by deactivating the VPN service from their devices.

7. Check Internet Connection

As you know that the WhatsApp Web feature works if you have a stable internet connection. So make sure that the internet connection, you are connected with is working fine and there are no issues with it. You can open the new tab and search for anything else to make sure that you have a good internet or WiFI connection.

8. Scan The QR Code Correctly

If you have not scanned the QR code correctly, then you see WhatsApp Web Not Syncing error. So, try to scan the QR code again and check if the problem is fixed or not.
WhatsApp Web Not Syncing


These are some of the ways that will help users to fix the WhatsApp Web Not Syncing problem. Most of the users have solved the problem by applying the methods mentioned above. We hope that this article will help users with what they are seeking. If you have any questions that you want to ask or want to share something, then feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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